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The new fulldome show era is here

When initially,fulldome is mainly used in the science and astronomy exhibition and the classical field of planetarium,play the content of the movie through the fulldome player,combine the precision science education with the amazing aesthetics.

Now, the new fulldome era has come,the fulldome program is no longer limited to playback mode.It can run real-time game interactions, real-time applications and presentations,Projected on the dome of different shapes with high resolution and near zero delay.It can be used to organize activities, to celebrate festivals and other business models.720°immersive experience brings culture shock and pure beauty to art and commerce.

The RangCalibration software can support planetarium, panorama theater, university, museum and creative artist, digital dancer, pioneer and supplier to explore the fulldome.As an immersive art form and education tool it can bring about a full range of experiences that change the mind.

The story goes on, because Fulldome's future still has a lot of...


The dome screen adopts a full range of audio-visual environment, and the audience is completely surrounded by 360 images and sounds.


The dome screen can allow a large number of audience to experience virtual world, powerful multi-sensory immersive experience, and promote the direct connection between people.


Eliminates the defect of manual calibration image.With the Range camera auto calibration system , a person can do it in 15 minutes.


Watch video on a giant screen bigger than IMAX.Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of spherical screen movies.


The fulldome screen system can run astronomical software, such as WWT, projecting a vibrant night sky, stars, planets, constellations and so on.


The sphere can completely replace the 720 VR, 720 sphere environment will become the latest immersive real-time interactive experience.


Natural History Museum

Project:Natural History Museum Diametre:15m Projection:Christie 7000 lumen laser Fulldome Software:Range Calibration V2.0 Content Resolution:4096 x 4096 Dome Server:Range - WUXGA 1 PIC

Astronomical Hall of Jijiang School

Project: Astronomical hall of Jijiang school Diameter: 12 m Software: Range Calibration V2.0 Projector:Optoma W460

FULLDOME SHOWS Chengdu western music festival of Chengdu

In 2018,Chengdu autumn western music festival launched the immersive music work featuring the FULLDOME and VJ,with the Range Calibration and VJ co-existing in a complex and dynamic system.

Palace Museum "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival"

Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival ball screen cinemas with Range automatic calibration system, calibrate by camera just use one key.

Halo park whole sphere

10 meters diameter whole sphere projection, use 4 * digital cameras for alignment and blend with 12 * Panasonic WUXGA projectors

Sakura Fulldome theater

With a diameter of 17 meters, 12 projection equipment is used to coordinate with the central control equipment and 4D dynamic seat.

Lights show of HeBi

Colorful cherry blossom road, fragrant and intoxicating, 30 meters diameter fulldome make the cherry blossom festival more exciting.

Fulldome theater in ISKCON Mayapur

In 2017, the Indian approved the modern construction of the ISKCON temple, and Range tech won the international bidding with excellent technical solutions, contributing its own strength to the technological construction of the temple.

Ancient Capital light show of DaTong

The spherical light show + 360panorama fulldome is one of the highlights of the ancient capital light show of DaTong, and the 360fulldome is a unique feature of many colorful lights.

Theater of JianYang Planning Hall

15 m diameter dome projection 4D theater,immersive show. 4k content and dynamic seat

Legend of HanCheng

360 dome screen visual show with 22 high-definition projection,as the countrys biggest high-tech lamplight works,used Range automatic calibration technique, beautiful to deduce the ancient and vibrant legend of Hancheng

GreatWall Fulldome show

Project:Jinshanling Great Wall fulldome show Diameter: 31 m Projection quantity: 17 WUXGA. Host: 2 sets Software: Range auto calibration system

720° Whole sphere in Guangzhou

The Range automatic calibration system is used for the projection blend of the whole ball, which not only automatically handles the extreme geometric distortion in the dome, but also solves the limitation of the projection system.

Planetarium of NAOC

In planetarium of NAOC ,various astronomy teaching demonstration software and space exploration series are played by the fulldome system.

The Space Station

360Range fulldome system, 4 meters high dome screen, 7.1 surround sound, will make you feel like youre really in the universe,Its a dynamic, all-immersive experience.

Planetarium of Shanghai

"Journey to the stars" interactive fulldome movie hall using Range fulldome system, You can enjoy the fulldome movie of the star, Vivid description of the whole sky changing charm.The simulation of high fidelity makes people linger on.

Fulldome game for TCG

The new game version is used for 360 dome screen projection interactive experience.

Planetarium of Primary School

The digital planetarium is completed by the Range dome screen calibration software and the high-performance server, the whole dome screen solution is also designed by Range.

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