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Core technology

Proprietary technology,unique rendering core,camera auto calibration,high performance,simple correction,active/passive stereo,2D/3D switching mode,multi-machine cluster sync,desktop blend,custom mask,wireless web management, etc.

support 16K desktop

support 16K desktop

use windows 10 can support total resolution with 16k desktop

Original Remote Control

Original Remote Control

use web browser remote control the video playback,projectors power manager without install application

Camera Automatic Blend

Camera Automatic Blend

alignment and blend of any geometry screen and any number of projectors

Windows 7/8.1/10

Windows 7/8.1/10

support windows 7,windows 8.1, windows 10, x32 and x64 OS


usually in dome theater,digital planetarium, museums, exhibition hall, thematic pavilion, ecological exhibition hall and other exhibition venues, 3D cinema, conference room, holographic stage, etc.

Digital Planetarium

digital planetarium in school used world wide telescope(WWT) and use fulldome video for popularization of science

Cinema theater

easy change 2D/3D display mode in one key, support switch between single layer and multiple layers display mode.

Realtime Application

support Direct X/OpenGL realtime application more than 120 FPS,support custom display area

Giant desktop

use NVidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity to display whole resolution desktop on the screen

Web Remote Control

HTML5 Web control, without application,just use web browser,simple and easy .

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