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Range-tech as the advanced brand of China's multimedia market,our the development speed is undoubtedly amazing.Whether it is brand awareness or business scale, we have always maintained the leading position in China's multimedia market.We advocate gold service,advocate service for the purpose of solving any multimedia programme.We never engage in price wars because we believe that quality creates value.Today, with a large number of companies going out of business, we can continue to stand and develop steadily, which is the basic guarantee for our customers.It is also the most responsible attitude to customers, employees and shareholders.

Why Work For Us?

Our team

There are excellent students from the campus.
There are also technology majors from the industry.

Our equipment and party

Top level configuration surface., MacBook Pro, PM2.5 perennial below 50, big party once a month, enjoy endless free snacks, drinks, fruit.

Our teammates

Passionate teammates, also good friends who has been playing together, playing basketball, football, spinning, and table football .

We Are Looking For:

Senior product manager

Job description:

Proficient in the application of multimedia market analysis tools and product prototyping tools, able to write and output specifications of product white papers;

Have product planning and product management thinking, can write market research, market analysis, feasibility analysis report, etc.;

Have good communication and coordination skills, systematic thinking and innovative consciousness;

Have the product demand inductive ability, the market sensitive insight ability;

Experienced a complete enterprise application lifecycle;

More than 5 years experience in product manager of TOB company;

With front-end related technical background, product architect is preferred.

Please send your resume to:

Project manager (multi-media exhibition)

Job description:

Multimedia exhibition display project implementation management coordination;

Installation and debugging of multimedia equipment;

Cooperate with the hardware production and debugging in multimedia development. With a wide range of engineering knowledge, hands-on ability and strong learning ability, have good communication and coordination skills, and have certain management skills.Can bear hardships and stand hard work, can travel frequently.

1. Familiar with computer hardware and network, familiar with computer operating system, office software and common application software.

2. Familiar with common electronic equipment (such as projector, audio and video equipment, etc.), and have basic electronic/electrician knowledge.

3. Can use CAD software easily and have certain Read and interpret blueprints ability

4.Familiar with decoration project is a priority, with driving age is a priority.

Please send your resume to:

Senior front-end development engineer.

Job description:

Bachelor degree or above, 3-5 years development experience;

Proficient in JS native code development, with deep understanding of prototype programming;

Be familiar with at least one of the front frame (such as: Angularjs reactjs/backbonejs/emberjs/knockoutjs);

Be familiar with modularized development thinking and have actually used at least one framework (e.g., requirejs/seajs);

The following experience is preferred:
  • Bachelor degree or above in computer related discipline;
  • Have the actual development experience of Reactjs;
  • Have Nodejs back-end development experience;
  • Good UI design capability;
  • There are individual works that can be demonstrated;

Bring a personal notebook or hard drive with you during the interview. Show the product owner your product or the code you wrote during the interview.

Please send your resume to:

iOS development engineer

Job description:

Have experience in iOS development project;

Have ability to document, process/multithreaded programming experience;

Have good code specification, familiar with TCP/IP, HTTP and other network protocols;

Be able to adapt the interface of different resolution and screen size of iOS phone;

Have experience in iOS development;

Be familiar with HTML.

Please send your resume to:
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