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We are the leading digital multimedia solutions provider in the industry.Our products have been successfully applied to over 1000 museums,planing museum,science and technology museum,enterprise exhibition hall,thematic pavilion,car showroom,ecological exhibition hall and other exhibition venues;2D/3D cinema, conference room, holographic stage, etc.

The TPS Game on Fulldome

In addition to using video playback mode to play the dome screen videos, the Range ball screen system can also run 2d and 3d star sky software, interactive programs and simulation programs in the desktop mode.

720° Whole sphere in Guangzhou

The Range automatic calibration system is used for the projection blend of the whole ball, which not only automatically handles the extreme geometric distortion in the dome, but also solves the limitation of the projection system.

Planetarium of Zunyi

Zunyi planetarium have seamless dome screen diameter of 25 metres), using the most advanced digital projectors and powerful astronomical software automatically by the Range auto calibration system to render the unparalleled high resolution Fulldome co…

GreatWall Fulldome show

Project:Jinshanling Great Wall fulldome show Diameter: 31 m Projection quantity: 17 WUXGA. Host: 2 sets Software: Range auto calibration system

Planetarium of Zunyi school

Project: Planetarium of Zunyi schoolDiameter: 11 mSoftware: Range auto calibration systemProjection quantity: 5 WUXGA.Host: 1 set

Legend of HanCheng

360 dome screen visual show with 22 high-definition projection,as the countrys biggest high-tech lamplight works,used Range automatic calibration technique, beautiful to deduce the ancient and vibrant legend of Hancheng

Baer Lake‘s myth

Project: Baer Lake‘s myth Diameter: 15 m Projection quantity: 15. Host: 3 sets Software: Range auto calibration system

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